Breast Cancer Management

Breast are intricately associated with feminity. They instill in females a sense of confidence. With the rising incidence of breast cancer world wide, management of breast cancer has progressed from mere getting rid of the tumor as in past, to breast conservation surgery, breast reconstruction or breast reconstruction surgery in the present era. Breast cancer is a traumatic experience in the life of any woman. This is not only because of thedisease itself or its treatment but also the fear of losing breast.
With the advances in treatment breast reconstruction surgery in Kolkata can be done together with tumor extirpation. breast reconstruction surgery or Breast reconstruction can be done using implant or using tissue from patients on body. The technique currently employed worldwide is
by using patients abdominal skin for reconstruction. Patient gets an abdominoplasty as an advantage. Breast reconstruction is a safe procedure. No association has been found between breast reconstruction and cancer recurrence or delay in diagnosis of recurrence. Breast reconstruction has been found to instill in the patients a confidence to carry on with the treatment more enthusiastically with losing the essence of being a woman.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

breast reconstruction surgery breast reconstruction surgery in kolkata

After Surgery