Acute Burn

Burns are probably the most devastating injuries to mankind. They inflict both physical and psychological trauma on the victim. Burn injury can be due to fire, electricity, chemicals, frictions etc. Burn management should start from the moment of injury and most injuries by proper management can yield good results. Burn surgery in Kolkata is an emergency and management involves hospitalization, proper medical care.

Burn areas need resurfacing by grafts or flaps Burn injuries if not managed properly can lead to scarring contractures and even loss of body parts. Burn scars can be managed by various techniques as scar revisions, dermabrasions etc.

Burn Surgery in Kolkata

Burn surgery in kolkata is  performed by a specialized burn surgeon and is needed immediately after experiencing a severe burn injury. A patient requiring this operation is severely burned and may require burn surgery as well. This procedure is needed for those with burns or critical area burns. One of the best Cosmetic Surgeon Kolkata Dr. Akhilesh Agarwal provides most successful burn surgery facilities in Eastern India

Book appointment online with burn surgery doctor Dr Agarwal at top hospitals. He also offers medical from all over the world, superior quality  treatment at costs that are highly affordable, with results comparable to those at the best centers across the India.

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